Consecrated „color of the Year“ in 2017, greenery, in all its shades, seems to reaffirm itself again in 2018 as one of the strongest trends in furniture and design.

Often used in interior design, around green revolve a range of meanings and psychological influences, often dictated by the science of chromotherapy, which uses it to bring harmony and balance into the homes.

Decorating with green

Decorating your home with green is not only a trendy choice, but also a long-term solution that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the color every day and at any time of the day.

Green is the color of nature and the plant world. Looking at the landscapes around us, it will not be difficult to discern green undertones. Meadows, woods and even rocks are dyed, and the world of natural stones seems to be particularly well-suited to those who want to furnish with this shade.

Choosing marbles and granites in home furnishings means choosing uniqueness, choosing durability, and above all reclaiming the bond with nature. These are characteristics that, when combined with the therapeutic meanings of the green, can only increase its benefits.

Green marbles and granites

Green Alps, Forest Green, Imperial Green, Italy Green, Amazonian, these are just some of the precious materials that nature has to offer and provides for the interior. (Click here to learn more about all our green stones)

En plein air effect: shower in Amazonian Green with natural slab recomposition

In order to recreate the effect en plein air, desired by the customer, in the bathroom of a luxurious penthouse, and without losing sight of the most functional natural stone for the intended use and the type of support, we selected the Green Amazonite.

Thanks to its low absorption coefficient and to its high resistance and durability over time, the Green Amazonite is well suited for bathroom projects, especially for floors and walls.

In the project we finished, the shower lining was conceived in only two pieces, not only to fulfill the customer’s requirements of being able to enjoy the wonderful natural aesthetics of a whole slab of Amazonite, but also to ease transportation and installation on a fifth-floor penthouse.

The vein continuity effect was emphasized by the cut and the open stain layout and develops vertically from the lining to the shower tray, while the anti-slip effect was achieved through light cross rolled-end finishing of slab-on-ground, expertly toned with water-resistant oil.

amazzonite verde - arredo bagno

In this shower, beauty and functionality have then both fully met the customer’s requirements: a setting that is easy to clean and suggestive to the point of making you feel immersed in virgin forests and blue waterfalls whenever you step into the shower and turn on the water.