We were contacted by the client and his prestigious design studio, such as Laperla Marmi, and we were commissioned to create the marble and natural stone elements of a luxurious villa on the outskirts of Africa: internal and external floors and walls, tops and bathroom furnishings and internal staircases.

The customer’s need was to create 3 different environments, but homogeneous in terms of stylistic and chromatic choices.

The challenge: to remember the warmth of the owner’s homeland by creating a classy and contemporary interior design.

Calacatta or Navona travertine?

The client’s initial wish was to choose Calacatta as the main noble material for the living area.

As usual, Laperla Marmi gave the customer the opportunity to see and touch many other materials, accompanying him to the knowledge of the characteristics of the different natural stones, supporting him in the evaluation of the intended use, and allowing him to optimize his budget.

This possibility has resulted in a change of design choices, leading the customer to choose another precious material: Navona Travertine, the ideal choice to obtain the desired effect from the customer.

Worked with special tone-on-tone grouting, using resins, and subsequent polishing, this natural stone has proved to be a perfect combination of historical and contemporary.

The flooring was made with large format slabs cut to size with decorative perimeter bands in glossy Nero Port Laurent that goes well with the black background and the yellow/gold veins.

Realization of the internal staircase

To maintain homogeneity with the other rooms, we have covered the steps of the internal staircase in Navona Travertine with a flush mounting. To recall the flooring, we placed a black Port Laurent strip on the riser supporting the padding, at the same time creating a hole for the insertion of a LED lighting system.

A particular feature of the structural element is the play of contrasts given by the surface work: for the perimeter cladding of the walls in the staircase, again in Navona Travertine, it was decided, in fact, to create a surface of the Natural type, that is, with an open pore that contrasts with the shiny of the flooring. The proposed cut and the relative laying of the materials are composed of a module with lozenges of various widths with fixed lengths developed vertically to give greater height to the area itself.

Bathroom furniture in marble and stone

In the bathrooms, made of large slabs of Navona Travertine and Port Laurent, an Elegant finish has been applied, able to guarantee greater protection in delicate environments subject to humidity. The elegance of the tops, niches and shower trays is even more emphasised by the split quarry cladding, again in Navona Travertine. The latter decorative element, in addition to representing an aspect of maximum originality, satisfies the customer’s desire to recall a natural environment in his shower cubicle where water can flow on the rock.