Treatement and protection

We are highly qualified in stain-resistant treatements of marble and natural stones. Our treatment enhances the natural characteristics of marble, making easier the laying, the cleaning and the maintainance over time. Cleaning, polishing and maintaining the natural brilliance of stones become an easy, fast task for our clients. Thanks to a system of natural surface treatment, which we have tested over time, and through the combination of mechanical processes and water and oil-based agents, we create stain-resistant and non-slip products, particularly suitable for spaces in contact with water and subject to damp, acid aggressions and wear, such as bathrooms and SPAs, kitchens and exteriors.

trattamento marmo, pulizia manutenzione pietra naturale

Pre-treated floorings and claddings

Our pre-treated product range also includes the peculiar Elegant and Natural surfaces. These products, particularly pleasant to the touch,obtained through mechanical processes that enhance the natural characteristics of marble, make the cleaning and the maintenance simple. Pre-treated in our factory with a mixture of protective substances combined with a tested application system, already calibrated, these products are ready for use and do not need any polishing or treatments post-installation.


We are able to find and process any type of natural material: stones, limestones, marbles, travertines, onyxes and semi-precious stones. We choose the best natural materials to fulfil our customers’ ideas and projects.