We assist our customers in each phase of the project.

Consulting on realisation and budget

Thanks to our experience in processing natural stone, we can guarantee a complete assistance during all the project phases. For us, the customer is central and through the technical office we look for and we we analyse solutions that meet all the requirements, from the creativity, feasibility and budget.

Assistance through materials selection

The choice of the material influences the work result. In recognition of this, it is customary for Laperla to assist the customer through the selection of the stones which most meet his project idea/needs.
We select the materials that best fit the project both in terms of color and technical features and price.

Samples preparation and technical data

In the preliminary stage we try to give an increasingly concrete idea of ​​what will be the final result. We offer samples of different materials, make the customers experience first hand the processings and textures. We add detailed information about the physical characteristics of marble to every sample: hardness, density, compressive strength, breaking load, water absorption, porosity, climate resistance, etc. Whether you are a designer or a private individual, a conscious choice is always the best one and Laperla Marmi can help you with the right selection.

3D simulations and rendering

An interesting idea also needs a visual preview. Through the use of 3D softwares, we create three-dimensional spaces and customized renderings that show the preview of the final result of the project, even before starting work.

Surveys and measurements

In order to facilitate the installation of the material for workers and slab layers, our technical office carries out planimetric and altimetric surveys at the construction site for the custom-made design. This is a preliminary operation that not only speeds up operations but also give them maximum accuracy, for obtaining the final desired result.

Development of working and presentation drawings

Once we have carried out planimetric and altimetric surveys at the construction site, our technical office supports us in developing presentation drawings with areas, details and useful information for the customer’s approval and the subsequent phase of installation.

Pre-installation and testing

Before proceeding with the final installation, for us it is customary to proceed with the dry laying of the cut and processed material at our laboratory. This is a testing phase that allows us to control the quality of the material, processings and the final result.

Assistance and supervision at the construction site

We want to guarantee a correct (and without surprises) laying and installation of the material. To this end, we carry out a series of surveys at the construction site before and during the work: these are some procedures that are necessary to ensure high quality standards during all the phases of the project.

Organisation of the installation team

For those who wish it, we want to put at the service of our customers various teams of skilled layers that have been working with us for a long time. The laying of the material strongly affects the final result. A very beautiful material, skilfully crafted, could turn into your worst nightmare if it is laid by unskilled hands. Being able to lay marble is such an art, as the art of working and processing it. It is important to have experience in the choice of the best glue and in the grout sealing: Laperla guarantee it.

After-sales assistance and maintenance

Our work doesn’t end with the material delivery and its laying: Laperla assists its customers also after the end of the work. We do give advices and instructions for the marble maintenance, remaining at your full disposal even in the after-sales phase.