MARMOTREND, the marble-resin ok Laperla marmi

MARMOTREND is a stone material of new generation.

Actually it’s a marble-resin, made up of 95% of fragments of precious natural stones, and of 5% of binder resin. Highly versatile and resistant, the marble-resin MARMOTREND gives charm and refinement to the room, proposing the uniqueness of the stone and the atmosphere of the past in a modern way.

On the market, you can find two kinds of marble-resin: one with large fragments, to obtain a classic-taste effect, and a second one with micro fragments, for those who prefer a minimal and modern ambience.

The main features of MARMOTREND

Marble-resin is not meant to substitute the stone, because is itself a stone.

In many cases we may have heard of synthetic marble, a denomination that is not completely correct. In fact, it is composed by 95% of stone dust, and presents all the features of resistance and elegance of the stone, and even adding some advantages.

The main features of this material are:

  • The possibility of being produced in large size;
  • Reduced weight;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Easy maintenance.

We suggest MARMOTREND to all of those who have to cover large spaces, with low maintenance needs.

How to clean the Marble-resin MARMOTREND

Cleaning and maintaining the beauty of MARMOTREND over the time is simple. You only need water, soap, detergents and non-abrasive sponges. Despite this material doesn’t require any particular measure, it’s important to take some precautions:

  • it is not recommended to place the boiling pots in direct contact with the surface;
  • a prolonged contact with ink, tinctures, cosmetics and nail varnishes can leave stains;
  • don’t cut right on the stone surface, but pay attention to use a chopping board.

Ignoring these small precautions can leave visible damages on the surface as: stubborn stains, scratches, chippings. In this case, in order to return to the original beauty of MARMOTREND, you just have to sand the spot until the surface is uniform; then, pass with a specific product to restore the brilliance.