The bathroom is not simply a service and hygiene room, but it is above all a place where you take care of yourself. If you think about it, the bathroom is the environment in which we prepare ourselves to face the day in the morning and the one in which we allow ourselves a little relaxation and personal care in the evening. In the project, the idea is to recreate the relaxing and refined atmosphere of a spa in your bathroom. For this reason, more and more interior designers and architects are choosing marble, which offers performance not only of high aesthetic yield but also of good functionality. Accomplices of this trend are the advantages that marble offers:


Marble lends itself to multiple solutions. The slabs can be used in wall and floor coverings to give the surfaces a “wow” effect that makes the material the real protagonist of the environment. However, the trend associated with this material is not limited only to coatings. Marble is increasingly used to create furniture elements such as freestanding, bowls, and bathtubs.

Also suitable for smaller spaces

Ideal for decorating and completing smaller bathrooms, it is the best solution to give spatial continuity and therefore to make rooms seem more spacious. Furthermore, when used in lighter colors, such as Bianco Carrara, it gives extreme brightness.

For all styles

It is suitable for any style: minimal and elegant, marble is a timeless classic that adapts perfectly to any style, from traditional to contemporary. It is also an excellent base for creating a mix of colors and materials. Trends reward marbles with light or neutral tones, but colored marbles are also appreciated, such as Rosso Lepanto or Verde Alpi, which with the right lighting are able to give great personality to the environment.

Precious, unique, spectacular

Being a natural product, each block of marble is unique and it is this uniqueness that makes marble so precious. Thanks to its undeniable aesthetic qualities, it can give the rooms that touch of exclusivity that no other material brings. Marble not only lends itself to a glossy finish but also offers scratches and bas-reliefs to create decorative surfaces with a high scenographic value.

Resistance and durability

Marble lasts over time and resists abrasions and impacts. Moreover, with the right treatment, it can be made anti-stain, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.


6 Ideas for a modern marble bathroom

In collaboration with Studio Zeno Pucci architects, we have created 6 bathrooms for a villa in Tuscany. In this project, the real satisfaction was to meet the customer’s desire, making each environment unique and exclusive. The real protagonist is marble, enhanced in its materiality thanks to different finishes and textures.

The entire bathroom has been covered in Moka (walls, wall and, shower tray with Danubio finish; floor in Elegant finish)

The wall covering of this bathroom was created by playing with two finishes, Elegant and Danubio, on the same material, Moka, to create a “stripes effect”. The shower tray and the bathroom top are finished in Elegant to create contrast with the walls.

In this bathroom, the chosen marble is Bianco Carrara, used to cover the floor (Elegant finish) and for the walls and shower tray (Nilo finish).

White Carrara was also chosen for this environment. For the walls, we opted for the tiles with a diamond effect, while for the floor, the walls, and the shower tray the Elegant finish.

The main material of this environment is Ariston white marble (Elegant finish), with which the walls, the floor, and the top have been covered.

The material is Rosso Lepanto with Elegant finish, with which the walls were covered, and the monolithic suspended sink was created. In this environment, you can also see the optimal combination with wood.